Applying cutting edge science to help businesses implement
nature-based solutions with integrity

We provide the frameworks and monitoring strategies to allow companies better understand their social and environmental impacts and dependencies. On this basis, we support the development of evidence-based targets and identify where nature-based solutions can be implemented within their supply chains. In this way, we enable companies to enhance the value and resilience of the landscapes and seascapes they impact and meet socially just nature-positive and net-zero pledges.

Our process

Nature-based Insetting

Nature-based insetting involves implementing nature-based solutions (see below) within a company’s supply chain to offset damage to the climate, biodiversity and people. It also involves embedding the value of biodiversity and consideration of climate into all levels of decision-making.

Nature-based insetting targets activities along a supply chain where NbS can be directly integrated, developed, and monitored. For example, the implementation of agroforestry across commodity-production landscapes, combined with the protection and restoration of nearby ecosystems, can enhance yield. Such activities also make commodity supply chains more resilient to the effects of climate change, such as the increasing intensity and frequency of droughts, flooding, fire, and pests.

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Our work with Reckitt

Reckitt is a major multinational consumer goods company. It is a producer of health, hygiene, and nutrition products such as Durex, AirWick and Gaviscon. Reckitt and Nature-based Insetting (NbI) are collaborating to evaluate environmental impacts and subsequently develop measurable interventions to deliver against science-based targets for meeting net-zero and becoming nature-positive. By applying cutting-edge environmental science, we are developing a roadmap for insetting nature-based solutions (NbS) into their biggest global supply chains.  Initial work is focused on 5 key raw materials: palm oil, latex, clove, patchouli, and orange oils.

Our partners

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  • Quantifying

    and mapping social and environmental impact hotspots within supply chains

  • Informing

    greenhouse gas, biodiversity loss, and social impact mitigation strategies

  • Working

    with clients to set achievable net-zero and nature-positive targets based on evidence and quantitative analysis

  • Identifying

    opportunities for investing in existing NbS interventions to inset social, biodiversity and greenhouse gas impacts within supply chains

  • Supporting

    the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of NbS projects within supply chains

  • Training

    leaders and teams from the public and private sectors in nature-based insetting

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